The Univentor 864 Syringe Pump

The Univentor 864 Syringe Pump is a high precision instrument, designed for microdialysis, microinjections and infusions, offering a wide range of possibilities. Flow rates are constant and pulse free from as low as 0.001μL/min up to 5 mL/min. A built-in computer makes the 864 Syringe Pump self-calibrating and takes care of all the calculations needed to keep control of flow rates and delivered volumes for different sizes and types of syringes. The most common syringes are pre programmed but any syringe within clamping range may be used. There are three interchangeable syringe holders available so that either 4 syringes up to 50mL, 6 syringes up to 10mL or 8 syringes up to 2.5mL can be used simultaneously.

Fitted with syringe holders for a total of 4 syringes the Univentor Withdrawal Adaptor can be used to enable withdrawals as well as simultaneous infusions and withdrawals.  The Univentor Micropusher can be used with holders for 4 and 6 syringes.

The control panel is self-explanatory and user-friendly with abbreviated operating instructions. While operating the settings remain visible and the delivered volume is continuously displayed. The last settings are stored as default values.

RS- 232 and TTL logic interface is incorporated and the 864 can be programmed to start, stop, wait, change flow rate and to start or stop external instruments such as the Univentor Microsamplers or valves. Our 864 Software makes settings easy and provides a log of the executed commands.

The Univentor Withdrawal Adapter
The Univentor Withdrawal Adapter works in conjunction with the 802 Syringe Pump and the 864 Syringe Pump Cat. No. 8301001 to enable withdrawals as well as simultaneous infusions and withdrawals.