The Univentor 801 Syringe Pump


The Univentor 801 is a microdialysis syringe pump designed to perform microinjections with precision and reliability.

Any type of syringe within clamping range may be used. However, for your convenience the 801 is pre programmed for one syringe with 60mm graduation of 1.0 mL, 2.5mL or 5mL with maximum flow rates of 25 μL/min, 62.5 μL/min and 99.9 μL/min respectively.

The 801 Syringe Pump operates with a DC motor and advanced electronics to ensure a constant and pulse free flow that is almost silent. Its small size allows it to be placed very close to the experimental setup which is a great advantage when working with microdialysis.

Combined with the Univentor 810 or 820 refrigerated Microsamplers the 801 provides the optimal setup for microdialysis experiments.