Anaesthesia Equipment

  • The Univentor 1200 Anaesthesia Unit
  • The Univentor 1200 series of anaesthetic instruments, for animals weighing 20-500 grams, are specifically developed for lengthy inhalation anaesthesia and other applications where additional gas is required. View Details
  • The Univentor 2010 Scavenger Unit
  • The Univentor 2010 Scavenger collects and inactivates any surplus anaesthetic gas that may be produced when using a Univentor Anaesthesia Unit so as to provide a safer working environment.
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  • The Univentor 410 Anaesthesia Unit
  • The Univentor 410 Anaesthesia Unit is designed to control the mixture of liquid anaesthetic and air with the precision required to successfully operate on animals weighing from 20-500 grams. View Details